Woman Who Accused Sen. Al Franken Of Sexual Assault Just Made A GAME-CHANGING Announcement [DETAILS]
Woman Who Accused Sen. Al Franken Of Sexual Assault Just Made A GAME-CHANGING Announcement [DETAILS]

While many Americans have been obsessed with learning more details about the horrific allegations surrounding the current GOP candidate for State Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore, they woke up this morning to a new story of sexual assault. This time, involving Democratic Senator, Al Franken. The woman who’s accusing Franken of this sexual misconduct, Leeann Tweeden, went public with her story, and backed it up with pictures of the aforementioned misconduct.

Needless to say, once this news broke, Americans were shocked. But, beyond anything else, they believed Mrs. Tweeden. As they rightfully should. Every single woman that’s brave enough to come forward with tales of sexual abuse like this, highlighting their assailant to the world, should be believed – without a doubt.

And while this is saddening to hear, Senator Al Franken has taken all the steps one can take in this situation, to right his wrong. Not only has he admitted to his wrongdoings, publicly and privately apologized to Mrs. Tweeden, he’s also gone ahead and submitted himself to a full ethics investigation. He doesn’t want the American people to feel like he’s taking any short cuts. He feels deep shame and regret for his actions. And while it might be too soon to forgive, you could at least recognize that Senator Franken is, at the very least, attempting now to do the right thing.

And now, the woman who accused him, within the same day, has publicly accepted his apology. Tweeden said, “The apology, sure I accept it, yes. People make mistakes and of course he knew he made a mistake. So yes I do accept that apology. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t accept his apology.”

She continued with her statement, adding, “People make mistakes. I’m not calling for him to step down. That’s not my place to say that.”

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