Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing at the White House today, where she let Ed O’Callaghan from the Department of Justice speak about the Section 11 report released by the DOJ and Department of Homeland Security highlighting the need for immigration reform in this country.

After Mr. O’Callaghan was done speaking, Sarah got back up to the podium to take reporters’ questions for the day.

Immediately, the reporters launched in to doubting the health report made by highly respected White House Physician Ronny Jackson yesterday and accused him of lying about the president’s health.

After Sarah successfully dismissed these claims, John Roberts of Fox News began talking about Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and his recent comments likening Trump to Josef Stalin in how he treats the media. Sarah laughed and then lit the room on fire.

“In response to Senator Flake specifically, I have found it quite interesting that he is coming out to attack this president considering he is one that was recently defending an actual oppressive regime. He went to Cuba a few weeks ago and served as a mouthpiece for the oppressive Cuban government. He is not criticizing the president because he is against oppression. He is criticizing the president because he has terrible poll numbers. He is, I think, looking for some attention.”

Sarah continued with the truth about how the media is treated at the White House and by the Trump administration.

“Our position here at the White House is that we welcome access to the media every day. I’m standing right here taking questions.”

Does Sarah always have the best answers or what? Can we get this SHARED 100,000 times and tell Sarah she is doing a great job?!