U.S. Army Major, Scott Smiley, was blinded while serving our country in Iraq in 2005. He has now delivered a message of hope and renewal to President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this week.

On Thursday, Smile and his wife Tiffany were invited to come on “Fox & Friends,” where they relayed their experiences at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Tiffany shared these encouraging words:

“It was incredible to be able to share renewed hope with the world was truly an incredible experience. Thinking back to 2005 — when we did feel hopeless and we wondered if we did have a future — I think what’s true about the scripture is we all do have a future.”

Smiley, who was the Army’s first blind active duty officer, received a standing ovation all the while giving that praise back to the Lord and paying tribute to the support and love of his family.

Tiffany continues,

“To renew hope for our president and other leaders in this nation was truly an incredible experience.”

Smiley is truly a national hero; he never stopped giving even while losing his own sight fighting for our freedom. And now he’s inspiring our leaders with his story and perseverance through Christ.

Can we get 100,000 SHARES and an AMEN for this brave man and his wife?