During a speech Monday at a manufacturing company in Cincinnati, Ohio, President Trump unleashed Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare in front of the whole world.

Clinton was hoping that the world would forget her past transgressions and mishandling of thousands of classified documents, but that is definitely not the case.

During Trump’s speech, he spoke about an electronics recycling company in Ohio that recycles and sells old cell phones. He paused, turned to the company owner in the audience and this is where he completely obliterates Hillary Clinton.

“Hmm, they recycle cell phones. Hmm, think about that one.

What about when they smash those phones with the hammer?

Can you bring them back to life? Oh, what you would find.”

Trump was referring to Hillary Clinton’s tactic for getting rid of evidence by smashing phones and hard drives. The crowd went wild!

This is why We the People of this country appreciate President Trump so much. He calls the swamp creatures out for exactly what they are!

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